FAQ Fooder Payment powered by TAP

FAQ Fooder Payment powered by TAP

What is the cost to use Fooder Payment powered by tap.company? 

The service prices vary based on your country. You can see the full list of pricing broken down here in TAP - online payment agreement

When is a transaction fully captured?

When a customer places an order using his credit card, the transaction is pre-authorized by tap.company , and it's only fully captured once the order is marked as Completed on your Fooder dashboard. 

What happens if the order is not marked as Completed or Canceled?

If the order has been accepted but not completed within 7 days, then the transaction will be automatically voided (charges apply)TAP - online payment agreement and the amount will not be deducted from the customer's account. To capture that amount, you can call the customer asking him to pay you directly or by placing a new order that you will have to complete. 

How d​​​o I get paid?

TAP - online payment agreementfunds to the bank account you have entered on your banking information page. The account you use to accept payouts needs to be a full checking account. For more information on the bank accounts that you can use, see your banking information page. 

You can't receive funds if your payout is below 100 SAR, The funds are added to your next payout that meets this requirement. TAP - online payment agreement

Can I get my money faster?
The time it takes for Fooder Payments to transfer funds to your bank account is set by default 3- 5 days TAP - online payment agreement .   We're actively working to reduce pay periods for all accounts. We can increase the payout frequency only in exceptional circumstances. 

Why does my payout show Paid, but no funds have been deposited?
We transfer funds every day, but most banks only process the transfer on business days. This means that if funds were sent to you on a holiday or a weekend, then you will probably see the money in your bank the next day your bank is open. For transfers sent on business days, you should see the funds by the next day.
If the transfer was submitted on a business day and you don’t see the money in your bank account within a couple of days, this likely means the transfer failed. Banks can take up to 3-5 business days to inform us about failed transfers, at which time we send you an email with the reason for the failed payout.

My payout failed, what do I do?

When a transfer fails, payouts to your bank account are put on hold until the issue is resolved. To resolve an issue causing your transfers to fail, follow the instructions on the email sent. For example, you might be prompted to update your banking details.

If you update your bank account to a valid checking account, then the failed transfers are automatically retried within the next 72 hours. If your current account is valid and you're unsure why the transfer failed, then you should contact your bank to investigate the issue.

Does Fooder Payments protect me from chargebacks?

No, chargebacks are your responsibility. Fooder Payments can assist you by providing supporting documentation to dispute the chargeback, but it's the cardholder's bank that makes the decision regarding a chargeback outcome. Fooder payments can't change or appeal to the bank's decision.

Where can I find the Terms of Service for Fooder Payments?

You can read the Terms of Service (TOS) for Fooder Payments powered by tap.company   here TAP - online payment agreement

What currency can I sell in?
The currency you can sell in depends on the country where your business is located. 

How long does it take for my customer to get refunded?

Approximately 5–10 business days. Although we submit any refund that you make to your customer's bank immediately, your customer's bank must still process the refund and apply it to their account. The processing time can vary between banks.
Inside the authorization period, when a customer is refunded (either partially or in full), the customer might not see a line item on their statement for a refund because we adjust the capture amount for the charge when it settles. They might still see the charge as “Pending” on their statement until the period expires.
If you would like help in determining the status of a refund that you have processed, then contact Fooder support for a refund reference number.

Can a refund be canceled?
No. After you've issued a refund, it can't be canceled. If the card that you have refunded is expired or canceled, the customer's new card is credited with the refund. In the rare case that the customer doesn't have a new card, the bank usually sends the refund to the customer's bank account.

How long do I have to issue a refund?
There's no time limit to issue a refund but you might not succeed in returning the funds after 60 day

My customer said the dispute was a mistake. Can it be reversed?
Yes, though only your customer can do so. If you've talked to your customer and they've agreed to drop the dispute, then you should tell them to contact their bank and say that they want to drop the chargeback. You should also submit evidence to the customer's bank, including the statement where the customer said they would drop the charge. You could include evidence such as:
the date and time that you fulfilled the order
the billing information that the customer used
the IP address and country used for the order
shipping and tracking information for the order.

My customer’s purchase was declined. Why?
There are several possible reasons. When we submit a charge to your customer’s bank, they have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various signals into account, such as your customer’s spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVV.

These signals are constantly changing, so a previously successful card might be declined in the future. Even if all of the card information is correct, and your customer previously had a successful payment, a new charge can still be declined by a bank’s fraud systems.

Can I find out more about the decline?

Most declines are generic, so we don’t have much information as to why a charge was declined.

If the card information seems correct, then it's best to have your customer contact their bank, ask for more information, and ask for future charges to be accepted.

If you need further help, reach out to us!

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