Managing Orders - Part 3 (Print KOT)

Managing Orders - Part 3 (Print KOT)

In this guide we'll focus in managing orders as they flow to your dashboard. Especially we will learn how to print the KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets).

* Login to the online Twerlo Fooder Platform using you login credentials:

Once you login, kindly pointing your cursor to the panel on the left as you can see on the below screenshot and click on Manage Order

There are a couple of methods to print the KOT:

Method# ONE
In front of every order there is a vertical doted button  that holds a way to print the KOT right away, called (Print KOT), kindly click on it. You'll be redirected to the appropriate default printer in your operating system.

Method# TWO

After you visit the Order Details (you can refer to this article to know how), you will be presented with the following screen, kindly click on the button Print KOT